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Become a member!

Anyone is welcome to join.


New members must show that they know, understand and follow the safety rules in order to shoot safely.


The membership year begins on January 1st and ends on December 31st.

For the first year, first-time members pay R100 (affiliation and admin expenses). After that, the annual rate will be R60.
This exclude competition fees

Dedicated sport certificate will only be issued when the member is an active shooter and appears on the matrix


What we offer

Junior and Senior international competitions

Scholar opportunity for those who wants to join the sport 

Fun day shooting 

Trail option for first time shooters on 25 meters

Target shooting 50 meters for . 22 

Target shooting 100 meters for . 22 

Three positional shooting on 50 meters for .22 Caliber

Target shooting 300 meters for .308 caliber 

Dedicated sport certificate

Three positional shooting on 10 meters for Air rifle




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